Betrayal: 30 Pieces of Silver by Betsy Gallery in Santa Barbara, CA.

An authentic 11th Century bronze Byzantine cross from Asia Minor dominates this osaic alluding to the Biblical story of the Betrayal of Jesus.  Thirty 4th and 5th Century Roman coins spill from the rocks below the cross.  The background is inspired by the ceiling of the 5th Century Galla Placidia monument in Ravenna and the 6th Century church of San Apollinare in Classe, Italy.

My provenance for all the ancient artifacts used in my mosaics is the renowned rare coin and antiquities dealer, Frank Kovacs.

In this mosaic I used hand-made Italian glass smalti and 24 karat gold tesserae from the Orsoni foundry in Venice, Italy where I studied the direct method of mosaic making. The mosaic is prepared for wall hanging with a secure wire.

I teach the use of glass smalti at the Santa Barbara School of Mosaic Art.