Santa Barbara Timeline Mosaic


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Our phase 1 goal is to raise $15,000 to begin the free, bilingual community workshops! 


About the Project

The Santa Barbara Timeline Mosaic project began in February 2017 when Santa Barbara mosaic artist Betsy Gallery first saw images of the London Queenhithe Dock mosaic showing London’s history from Roman times to the present. Santa Barbara's mosaic will become an educational site for locals and visitors alike, illustrating important historical, environmental and cultural events central to our local heritage.  Installed in a prominent and accessible location in the city of Santa Barbara, the mosaic will show how our environment and community have changed over time.

The fabrication of the mosaic, estimated at approximately 5 x 50 feet, will involve volunteers from diverse sectors of the population. This will be a mosaic for the people by the people. Classes and workshops will present opportunities for the community to learn mosaic fabrication skills. The mosaic will be designed to last 500 years and be a catalyst for how our shared spaces can be re-imagined as places to meet, talk and enjoy the attractiveness of our very special place on the map.

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